Madges! for business

Promotional Icons

Support your campaigns with promotional Icons which we can add to any of existing Icon Pack in the app. We will work with you on the designs to bring a fun and colorful expression of your brand to Madges with exclusively designed icons.

Promotional Icon Packs

If you need more, we can embed your promotional Icon Pack with multiple icons inside the Madges app.
• Free Packs expose your brand to a wider audience while achieving high brand awareness
• Paid Packs provide a way for your business to generate revenue while increasing your brand’s exposure

What can promotional icons do for your business?​

• Build a following of active and engaged users
• Personalize your brand and make it relatable with Madges-exclusive content
• Keep your followers up to date with the latest news, facts, exclusive images

Deeplinking technology

We can provide you with a unique URL link which leads directly to your promotional content in the app, so that you could use this link within your own marketing campaigns and bring people directly to your branded content inside Madges app.

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